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Eat Healthy with Nutritionist Laura Judd

25 Feb

Think you’re too busy to make time for food that’s delicious and nutritious? Think again. Boston University nutritionist/ dietitian Laura Judd  says even the most time deprived people can still squeeze in a healthful meal or snack.

She stresses the three  keys to staying healthy are, “timing and quality and quantity. A lot of times timing can help with quality and quantity a lot. So if you’re looking at your schedule, looking at the times that you can eat is the first step but also making time to eat is important.”

Don’t have time to make your own nutritious meals? Laura shared some of her favorite places to pick up a quick and healthy snack:

  1. Campus Convenience- “There’s  stuff in there that’s super easy to grab and go like if you need a snack. like one of the easiest things to do is grab a granola bar and yogurt bang the granola bar in front of the table a few times and all of the sudden its granola!”
  2. Starbucks- “oatmeal is one of the best snacks you can buy there. They make little cups of oatmeal and you can put nuts and dried fruit in them . Its gonna be lasting because it has protien and a good amount of carbohydrates in it.”
  3. Upper crust- “If you get whole wheat crust and vegetables on your pizza all of the sudden that’s better …little changes can make a big difference definitely!”

Wanna get the low-down on all of Laura’s tips for healthy-eating on the run? Click HERE to listen to the full interview.

Here’s quick recipe that any stressed out Bostonian can enjoy- a delicious egg scramble!

Laura Judd’s Oh-So-Simple Scramble:

  • 2 eggs
  • 2 tbsp milk
  • shredded cheese
  • salt and pepper to taste
  1. combine the eggs and the milk at first and whip it together
  2. Throw it in a microwave safe bowl, microwave the eggs and milk on high for 45 seconds
  3. then stir it up and microwave it again for another 45 seconds
  4. throw some cheese on top with some salt and pepper, it would be easy to put on an English muffin or  a whole wheat tortilla to make it extra-filling

*to make Laura’s scramble even healthier substitute eggs for egg-beater and use low-fat cheese

If you’re a BU student you can schedule a one-on-one meeting with a nutritionist like Laura- for free!