Prepping for the Boston Marathon with Kimberly Goozh

17 Apr
Kimberly Goozh is a Boston Marathon veteran.
With 10 consecutive Boston Marathons  under her belt (finishing in Top 100 Women) she knows a thing or two about making it past Heartbreak Hill relatively unscathed. Here are some of her pre-marathon tips:

Kimberly Goozh

Food as Fuel
  • Kimberly tries to load up on carbs and lean protein during the week leading up to the Marathon. (Think noodles etc.) What’s on the menu tonight for Kimberly? Pasta, (or course) but heavy on the salt. She also relies on salty foods to help her avoid fatigue. In the morning she plans to pop a salt tablet before the race.
Food to Avoid
  • The night before the marathon Kimberly plans on skipping out on things like veggies, fish, and steak to avoid an upset stomach before the race. Sugar is also off limits.
Tone it Down
  • Kimberly eases up on her training the week before the Marathon, but she doesn’t stop working out all together. She keeps running right until the day before, “Most people don’t, but I usually run like 20 minutes the day before the marathon,”. When it comes to stretching Kimberly says, keep it simple. She sticks to quad stretches and hamstrings to unwind the week before the marathon.
We’ll check in with Kimberly after the marathon to see how she recovers and what tips she has for anyone else out there with sore calves and tight quads!

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